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Raynee Massey, Missing for More than Month, Found in Wichita, Kansas

Since November 12, 2022, 14 year old Raynee Massey, a teenager from Bald Knob, Arkansas, has been missing. She was found this week in Wichita, Kansas and reunited with her family, according to the White County Sheriff's Office.

According to Lt. Scott Seiders, public information officer for the Sheriff's office, detectives assigned to Raynee Massey received the results of subpoenas that they had filed with several companies on Tuesday evening. They worked through the night analyzing the data they had received and were able to identify a suspect and location from the data.

Information from "these new leads" resulted in detectives contacting the Wichita Police Department's Exploited and Missing Child Unit which they briefed "on their findings."

"Witchita PD immediately sent units to begin surveillance," Scott Seiders said. "On Wednesday morning, a search warrant was executed by Wichita PD resulting in the reunification of Raynee Massey with her family as well as at least one arrest.

Raynee Massey's investigation still remains active in both Kansas and Arkansas and additional information will be released as appropriate.

When Raynee Massey, 14, went missing, she had reportedly "packed a backpack in preparation" of running away and was seen by a security camera getting into a car with an unknown male. On November 14, the Sheriff's office reported that she was spotted leaving El Paso toward Vilonia/Conway in a vehicle with two other individuals.

Her parents, Samuel and Jill Massey, told KARK News, Channel 4, that they didn't know that Raynee was thinking about running away until she left their residence and got into a vehicle with a man while her dad was deer hunting and her mom was in the kitchen.

That same vehicle was the one seen at the Shell gas station in El Paso. The Masseys told KARk that they regretted trusting their daughter with the internet and believe it led her to the individuals she was seen with in the vehicle.

"She was gone about 10 minutes before I realized she wasn't in the house," Jill Massey told KARK News.


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