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Bald Knob's New City Seal

The City of Bald Knob has a new seal, and it’s beautiful! Designed by Taylin Green, a recent high school graduate, this new emblem will now be a hallmark of our city’s identity. The design process was led by the City Mayor, Gary Looney, who sought to capture the spirit of our vibrant city and highlight its diverse landscape.

Taylin Green's original drawing entered in the City Seal contest at the Bald Knob Public Schools.

Taylin’s design features elements of the city's historic relevance and nods to the natural beauty that surrounds us. Blayed Media, a local digital marketing agency, helped finalize the design and brought the color scheme to life. Both Taylin and Blayed Media helped create an emblem that represents our city's modern identity while also respecting our past.

Mayor Gary Looney echoed the sentiments, “Shortly after taking office, I needed to send correspondence to several parties including ARDOT and others. I checked for an official letterhead and found out there was no letterhead of City Seal.” Looney said. "I felt like we really needed these, so I asked School Superintendent Ms. Gipson to initiate a contest with Art students to design a Seal. The finalists were both great options, I chose this one for its representation of what makes Bald Knob famous."

The New Official Seal of the City of Bald Knob. Originally drawn by Taylin Green, finalized by Blayed Media.

The new City Seal will now appear on documents and all communication from the city. The next step will be to get approval from the City Council to place the seal on buildings and city vehicles. This will be a long-lasting reminder of our city’s unity, resilience, and vibrant community spirit. Bald Knob has always been a special place and this new emblem further enhances the pride that we feel in our hometown.

Thank you, Taylin and Blayed Media for your incredible work on this project. We can't wait for the whole world to see what we have created!


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