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Anomaly MMA Promotions Looking for Sponsorships & Applications

Anomaly MMA Promotions are now taking applications for their first-ever event. It will be a SUPER FIGHT GRAPPLING SHOW!

There will be a $50 entry fee for adults,

which comes with 2 general admission tickets. Kids will compete for FREE!

Message their Facebook page, Anomaly MMA Promotions, and their matchmaker, Rudy McGlothlin, will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

There will be 30 matches MAXIMUM, so DO NOT WAIT to apply!

The Super Fight Grappling Show Event will be held on May 6 in Bald Knob, Arkansas. When filing an application, Anomaly MMA Promotions will need your Weight, Rank, Gi or No Gi, and Walkout Song (Clean version only).


ADCC style, so first half of your match is no points, second half has points. The ref will have a stopwatch for each competitor, so that in the instance both people are tied on points it will come down to whoever had the most dominant controlling position for the longer duration of the match. (Mount, backpack, submission threat)

If there isn’t a dominant position held longer or no submission threat held, then it will be an EBI overtime starting from backpack or spiderweb (competitors' choice). We are doing this to prevent judges and to determine a clear winner.

Adults: No slams

Kids: No slams, neck cranks, standing submissions/jumping guard, or leg locks.

Any business or organization looking to sponsor this event, please click here to contact Anomaly MMA Promotions at their Facebook page.


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