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44th Annual Strawberry Jam Arts & Music Festival

In the heart of Bald Knob, Arkansas, nestled amidst the rolling hills and verdant fields, lies a tradition as sweet as the strawberries that once made this town forever famous—the Annual Strawberry Jam Arts & Music Fest. This year marks the 44th anniversary of this beloved event, a testament to the enduring spirit of community and celebration in this charming corner of the Natural State.

For Barth Grayson, whose roots run deep in the soil of Bald Knob, the sight of strawberries ripening in the fields is more than just a seasonal occurrence—it’s a reminder of his childhood, spent amidst the bustle of family farms and the camaraderie of hardworking neighbors. “I grew up with my family raising strawberries,” Grayson reminisces. “Traveling migrant laborers lived in old houses and tents. I remember Dad buying them cots. But, everyone worked together to get the harvest in.”

Indeed, the Bald Knob community has a long history of coming together during strawberry season, with locals and laborers alike joining forces to ensure a successful harvest. From picking berries in the fields to overseeing the packing sheds, the entire town would unite in a shared endeavor. “Locals also helped pick. Oversee the packing sheds,” Grayson recalls with fondness.

Yet, as with many agricultural communities, the landscape of Bald Knob has evolved over the years. The once-thriving Bald Knob Strawberry Market Auction at the historic sales sheds has given way, and the title of “Strawberry Capital Of The World” is but a distant memory. “Everything changes,” Grayson acknowledges. “But… That’s why we still celebrate everything Strawberry…”

And celebrate they do, with the 44th Annual Strawberry Jam Arts & Music Fest serving as a vibrant tribute to the town’s agricultural heritage and enduring sense of community. Kicking off on May 3rd with an evening of Outlaw Country featuring the legendary Billy Don Burns, the festival promises a weekend filled with music, arts, and, of course, plenty of strawberries.

Saturday, May 4th, sees the stage come alive with the sounds of rock and blues, as thirteen bands take center stage from 10 am onwards. With free camping available, attendees can dance the day away beneath the Arkansas sun, surrounded by the beauty of the Ozarks.

On Sunday, the festival takes a soulful turn with the Strawberry Christian Musicfest, featuring We Are Vessel and special guests, including Sever The Wicked Hand and the Steve Hester Band. Starting at 2 pm, this uplifting celebration of faith and music is open to all, with a love offering collected to support the festival’s continued success.

As the strains of music drift across the fields and the scent of ripe strawberries fills the air, the 44th Annual Strawberry Jam Arts & Music Fest stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of Bald Knob—a community united in tradition, celebration, and the simple joy of coming together.


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